I photographed my first wedding over 15 years ago.  As a budding photographer, I was asked to travel to Georgia, USA to photograph a friend’s wedding.  I was terrified:  35mm film was still the medium of choice, and so many things could go wrong!  I agreed to come and take pictures, as long as they hired a local photographer come for some basic shots (just in case!)  I still remember the anxiety of taking my rolls of film to be developed, waiting with anticipation to see if the pictures had “turned out”.  The photographs were stunning.  For many years, I was hooked.  Seeing a happy couple on the day of their wedding and having the privilege to capture that day in photography was a thrill like no other.  Since that first day many years ago, I have photographed a variety weddings.  Currently, my wedding season has come to a close, as I focus on other aspects of my artistic career.  If you are a budding photographer and would like a consultation regarding ‘how to photograph a wedding’, I can be reached a

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