Watercolour Paintings

Bobo Fett (8.5″x11″ – watercolour) $50
Darth Vader (8.5″x11″ – watercolour) – SOLD
Elephant (18″x24″ – watercolour) – SOLD

Continually learning, I have adopted a watercolour technique that a student discovered from online videos.  I did not like watercolour, until I discovered this amazing wet-in-wet drop technique.

“Penguins” 2016 (18in x 24in – watercolour) $85
“Toucan” (18in x 24in – watercolour) $85
“Family” 2015 (18in x 24in-watercolour) – Sold
“Humming Bird” 2015 (18in x 24in – watercolour) $85

This link will take you to a youtube video of the above painting in progress.

Process: Watercolour 2015